Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Course Fee : 4000

Short Description

Course Duration : 3 Months

Course Fee : 4000/-

Class Time :

Saturday, Monday, Tuesday

Evening 6pm to 8pm

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): (This Course Under Scholarship)

Objective of this Training

Virtually everyone who's engaged seriously in the practice of search engine optimization has found it to have surprisingly versatile results. Site owners will often start out optimizing in order to rank for a particular term/phrase that's relevant to getting customers, only to find that secondary and tertiary benefits from branding to reputation management to raw traffic all have an impact. Today I'd like to cover the different applications of SEO and talk about how to choose the right SEO objectives for your business.

Training Overview & Outline

Lesson: 01 (Introduction to SEO)

Lesson: 02 (Keyword research, (Ad sense, Affiliate, Service, Buying))

Lesson: 03 (Competitor analysis & website audit.)

Lesson: 04 (Freelancing Guide )

Lesson: 05 (On-site Optimization.)

Lesson: 06 (On-page Optimization)

Lesson: 07 (Article writing)

Lesson: 08 (Google Webmaster Tool)

Lesson: 09 (Online Media Marketing (Paid campaign & boosting))

Lesson: 10 (Off page SEO (Link building/earning, Link analysis, web 2.00))

Lesson: 11 (Social Bookmarking)

Lesson: 12 (Social Networking)

Lesson: 13 (On page SEO)

Lesson: 14 (Business owner Guide )


Mr Jeff Bezof
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Program Information
  • Date : 12-13 January 2018
  • Time : 10am - 5pm
  • Duration: 16 Hours (Two days)
  • Registration last Date: 5 January 2018

Who Can Attend?
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Basic Internet browsing Knowledge


Lecture,Practical exercise and evaluation, Evaluation: Classroom attendance, regular participation in the class, practical exercise,


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